Your turnkey solution for complete trade fair planning
When it comes to planning and realising every aspect of a trade fair, look no further than formfoundation

Designing, planning and implementing every aspect of a trade fair involves an ever-changing number of puzzle pieces that have to end up fitting together by a specific date so that the event is both successful and economically viable.

It’s therefore good to have an experienced, reliable general contractor to assume the planning and operational tasks involved in all aspects of trade fair construction.

As your team, we take care of structural planning, stand construction concepts, public areas, production, logistics and installation. We are the technical contact for your exhibitors. Simple and clear online catalogues for stand construction packages, rental furniture and media technology that are tailored to the theme of your trade fair make things easier for you and your exhibitors.

What else do we offer? Experience from implementing approximately 30 fully planned trade fairs and countless individual projects in trade fair construction every year.

Our intercultural team speaks German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. Our catalogues are available in German, English and French.

What we do.
Premium services in exhibition stands and shop fittings.

Stands at trade fairs and shop design are a key part of how your company presents itself. In this very public setting, your company is approachable in the truest sense of the word, and your clients get a real feel and sense of who you are.

So it’s all the more important to put your trust in someone who is constantly aware of how incredibly important trade stands and shop design are. Someone who is a premium service provider with one thing at the forefront of their mind: how to make your individual wishes and requirements a reality in the best possible way.

Nothing’s impossible. With our knowledge of engineering and high standards of creativity, we can advise and design, creating spaces that are functional, representative of you and inspirational – in any size, for any budget.

Welcome to the specialists in 3-D marketing. Welcome to formfoundation.

Who we are.
A strong interdisciplinary team.

As all too often the devil is in the detail, our team has plenty of eagle-eyed, creative and imaginative minds, designers, architects licensed to submit building plans and engineers who can analyse and identify solutions.

From our first contact with the client through the design phase and supervising production to giving instructions to subcontractors about assembling and dismantling the stand, we work as one interdisciplinary team. And what’s important to us in all this is that we treat our clients fairly and work together with them as partners.

How we work.
We love the challenge.

First impressions don’t get a second chance. That’s why we’re firm believers in contemporary exhibition stands and shop fittings that stand out for their sophisticated ideas, solid engineering solutions and designs that take your company’s corporate image and develop it creatively. For space that inspires.

We produce individual custom-built/conventional exhibition stands, modular stand designs, shops and display units. We have access to an international network, and we speak five languages. Our global sourcing and managed services also mean we can guarantee that whenever and wherever we put our clients’ ideas into practice, it will be for the best possible price.

What we believe in.
Responsible sustainable business.

We live in a world of finite resources. So for us it is important to have criteria for choosing recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, something which, in our opinion, is given too little consideration in the construction of exhibition stands.

We are committed to using only environmentally neutral materials (e.g. water-based varnish) or materials that are produced in accordance with ecological principles. Ideally we work with materials produced from renewable resources or with a long or second life.

We are a responsible company committed to principles of sustainability and this makes a significant difference to the environmental balance sheet of the businesses we work for. And at the same time, we are reducing our own environmental footprint.

Where we work.
A creative atmosphere within industrial brickwork.

We are lucky to be people who enjoy going to work every day. Because we love what we do: providing the link between information and understanding. And we’re just where we want to be too: in the Goerzwerk in Berlin’s south west. This historic brick-built industrial building dating back to 1915 provides us with spacious, inspirational office space.

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Form Foundation im Goerzwerk
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