Maximum flexibility and efficiency.
A modular stand has many faces.
Nowhere does a company meet its target audience and others with an interest in it as directly as at a trade fair. They could be existing clients, potential clients, trade people, members of the public, competitors or partners. Trade fairs are THE place to meet people, for personal marketing and face-to-face contact. How companies present themselves there says a lot about them.

Understandably, you’d like to be sure the design and construction of your stand is in safe hands. After all, it’s the platform and setting for you to communicate effectively face to face. We at formfoundation, the experienced specialist in trade fairs, are here to support you so that you, the exhibitor or the trade fair organiser, can lean back and relax before, during and after the fair. We can design and organise individual stands and modular solutions, group presentations and stand assembly services for trade fair organisers. So formfoundation can offer you the complete spectrum of classic trade fair services from the initial concept through to its perfect realisation. We are committed from the very beginning to creating a space where you can succeed.

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