Inspiration at the point of sale.
How to turn shopping into an experience.

We’ve all been there: shops that are welcoming, creative, different, or those that have it all, are fun and lead you into happily spending your money much more quickly.

Because when we go shopping, we want to feel that we’re having an experience. This is why Form Foundation uses the space as a stage for brands and knows how to arouse customers’ emotions. It’s the interface between psychology, craftsmanship, architecture and interior design, and so our services cover everything from room design to planning the construction and the necessary fixtures and fittings – such as POS furniture, product display units, interactive demonstration models and AV technology – and right through to construction and final approval.

To design shop interiors, shops, shop-in-shops and showrooms, in our company engineering and design work together. We combine creativity and a feeling for space with a solid knowledge of materials in all that we do. Our long years of experience in stand construction have given us the expertise that can give you a head start at the point of sale.